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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I apply for membership?

Our Membership process is very simple .You can register by clicking at 'Register here', which is on top of Book junction home page .Please submit contact details before submitting the form. You will receive a confirmation mail at your registered email ID from Book junction team that your registration is successful. After registration completed you can log in using your email id & password .After login you can order for your first book.

2. How I can pay membership fees?

You have to pay the membership fees before receiving your first book. You can pay by NEFT transfer to Book Junction account or you can pay by Cash/cheque in favor of "Bookjunction India" when our representative will carry your first book of your first order. You can pay by credit or debit card as well.Our representative will carry Mobile card device while delivering your first book. For one year membership you have to pay full amount RS 1700/-(subscription+registration) for first year & For monthly membership you have to pay membership fees plus one month subscription fee in advance(Total Rs 350/-) .

3. I don't have internet connection available at home .How can I order for books?

You can take the membership by calling our telephone no. We will get the details from you & create the registration. We will send you the printed list of books with various categories to you.

4. Can I order for two books at a time?

For ordering two books you have to take two membership. for 2nd membership you have to pay only Rs 100/-

5. Can I cancel my membership?

Your membership is for lifetime.You can cancel paying your subscription fees anytime if you are not keeping any book.

6. What happen if a book is not available?

You can see while ordering books whether the book is currently used by any other member. We will check with the member to get approximate time required for return & accordingly we will inform you. If the book is available in market, we will also initiate procurement as well depending on condition. We have multiple copies of most of the books,so normally this situation is not expected.However in this circumstances you can request for different book till your required book is avaliable

7. Can I request for addition of any book in library?

Yes, you can request by clicking 'Request for book' section in Book junction home page.

8. Can I gift someone Bookjunction.in membership?

Yes, you can gift only one year membership plan. We will pack list of books & membership details after getting membership fees & send to you. For any further question please send a mail to info@bookjunction.in or call to our contact no.


Recent addition of books in the Library

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